We recently wrote about Miss Mouths’ Messy Eater Stain Treater, a professional-grade solution for the worst messes your kids can make. Today, we’re sharing another essential stain remover. Maybe you don’t share your home with anyone under three feet tall. But if you ever have red wine in the house, keep a bottle of Chateau Spill Red Wine Stain Remover on hand. It’s the smart thing to do.

the-find-reno-red-wine-stain-removerIt’s an interesting story – the stain remover was originally developed to get rid of the stains left on the hands of lab workers after holding slides. It works like this. Chateau Spill’s proprietary formula breaks down pigments at a cellular level, which lifts and removes stains – even those tricky red wine stains! – without causing harm to skin or fabric. No bleach, no harsh-oxidizing chlorines, no phosphates, just a wildly effective stain remover that’s a cinch to use.

When someone spills wine on the carpet or upholstery, blot away the liquid, moisten the stain with cold water, then spray lightly with Chateau Spill. Use a sponge and clean water to sponge away the treated area when the stain is gone, and done!

Berry juice and makeup stains are just as evil as red wine stains, and good news – Chateau Spill works on those too.

We get it, not everyone has furniture with Revolution Performance Fabric. And that’s fine – as long as you have the right stain remover. Come in to The Find Thursday, Friday and Saturday and pick up this little miracle in a bottle.