For a relatively small area, there is no shortage of places to buy furniture in Reno-Tahoe. From folks hunting for discounts to those looking for a specific style or something truly one a kind, there’s a shop for that around here. But before you head to the nearest chain, take a minute to stop and consider what you’re after. You may find that a boutique is a much better option. Save yourself time and gas money by clarifying your furniture needs first. Here’s how.

  • What kind of furniture do I want?
  • What’s my price point?
  • What’s more important – price, style or convenience?
  • Is this a forever piece, or just something temporary?

It’s surprising what information your answers will reveal. For example, let’s say you read those questions and your answer is something like the following: I need a new bed, I don’t want to spend more than $500, but I’m willing to spend a little more to get something that works with the other furniture in the space, and I don’t foresee buying another bed anytime soon so I want this one to be really special.

By clarifying both the budget and the fact that you’re on the hunt for something you’ll have for a long time, you’ve already narrowed your search. Discount furniture chains may have something in your price point, but for something truly special, it’s worth your time to shop the local boutiques.

A retailer like The Find will have beautiful options outside the standard cookie cutter offerings of many furniture chains. And here’s a bonus – at The Find, you’ll enjoy complimentary design services as well. Owner and designer Stephanie Angold will offer insight and input into your design dilemma to help you find the perfect piece. And if you need more comprehensive design services, we can provide those as well.

What if you don’t know precisely what you need, but there’s a corner of your home that’s just begging for something? You can do your best to visualize specific pieces as you browse the chains in town, or you take the guesswork out of the equation by snapping a picture, measuring the space and heading straight to The Find. Let us share our ideas and recommendations for the perfect piece.

Spending a few minutes clarifying your needs and budget can save you from heading off on a wild goose chase. And if it means you browse The Find, well, we look forward to helping you!