Sofas come in different shapes and sizes, from the standard loveseat to the sprawling sectional. A chaise sofa uses the French word for “long chair” to describe a piece of furniture with an extended portion on which a person can sit with their legs up. It’s kind of a cross between an oversized lounge chair and a sofa. Today, The Find is sharing the pros and cons of the chaise sofa, plus the best place to shop them in Reno (hint – right here!).

the-find-reno-chaise-sofaA Quick Primer

The modern chaise sofa design has the extended part on one end of the sofa, plus two to three standard seats. It makes for a versatile style that combines the benefits of a standard sofa with the comfort of a chaise lounge – pretty ideal come movie night! Plus, the chaise section forms a corner sofa, which creates extra seating space and a cozy, relaxed feel.

Chaise Sofa Pros

The advantages of a chaise sofa are pretty clear. In no particular order, here’s why we love chaise sofas:

  • Clever design. They make good use of space, particularly in comparison to other furniture configurations, like two sofas or a standard sofa and an armchair. The shop of a chaise sofa also tends to work particularly well in corners, which can be tricky to manage.
  • Extra room. While it’s true the extended part of a chaise sofa is meant as a space to lounge, it doubles beautifully as extra seating on movie night. In a pinch, they can even double as a bed.
  • Versatility and options. Here at The Find, we have an extension selection of chaise sofas to suit your home and design aesthetic. The right chaise sofa can work in almost any home, and the advantages of extra space and comfort are hard to beat.

the-find-reno-chaise-sofaChaise Sofa Cons

Just as the advantages are pretty obvious, so is the biggest drawback. A chaise sofa purchased with a specific area of the home in mind means it may not move to a new space particularly well. In a small space, a left or right-facing chaise might work beautifully. But if you’re the type who enjoys rearranging furniture to freshen things up, a sofa chaise may not lend itself to this kind of flexibility.

Ready to Shop Chaise Sofas?

At The Find in Reno, we have a carefully curated selection of chaise sofas and sectionals that you won’t find at the big box stores. And with our complimentary design consultations, we can help you find the perfect sofa – chaise or otherwise – for your home, your family, and your budget. Come in any Thursday, Friday or Saturday from 10 am to 6 pm and ask us about sofas!