Google shopping trends don’t lie, and the most-searched design item in the U.S. over the last year was… area rugs! Not surprised? Neither are we. If you aren’t on board this decor train yet, you’re missing out. Luckily, The Find in Reno has you (and your floors) covered. We have rugs in the most fabulous textures, colors, patterns, and sizes, and now, we’re sharing the right way to make one work in your home.

the-find-reno-area-rugsWorking the Area Rug

First, let’s go over a few best practices. The area rug is ideal for grounding a space, but the biggest mistake people make is using one that’s too small. That’s the fastest way to make a room feel jarring and disproportionate.

In the living spaces, an area rug should be big enough to reach at least halfway beneath  your furniture. At the very least, try to get it under the front legs of all seating options in the space. That helps with the sense of scale and lends a cultured, cozy and balanced effect.

In the dining rom, choose a size that’s roomy enough that all chairs are on it, even when they’re pushed back. And in the bedroom, the rug should frame the bed (that’s 9 x 12 for a king).

When it comes to patterns, colors, and textures, the options are truly limitless. Right now, solid colors are very on trend, which gives you lots of wiggle room to play up texture and shade variation. Solid colors can be key if you’re trying to offset a bold wallpaper, printed sofa, or even a particularly spectacular piece of art. If a stylish, muted print is calling your name, opt for one that pulls similar colors from your space.

Generally, a rug should take its shape from whatever will be sitting on it, i.e., a circular dining table sits beautifully on a round area rug. A rectangular rug will perfectly encompass a rectangular furniture grouping. You can also look to the shape of the room itself for rug shape inspiration.

At The Find in Reno, we’re happy to offer complimentary design assistance if you know you want a rug but aren’t sure where to begin. Come in any Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and let’s talk rugs!

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