When it comes to home decor, being on trend seems totally at odds with being timeless. After all, trends come and go, and timelessness lasts forever. How can you have both at the same time? It may be a little easier than you think.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaBlending Styles

A timeless look usually features classic style elements that have been chosen to suit your life and lifestyle. The effect is comfortable, functional, and usually casual. It’s not particularly dated, but nothing seems outrageously current. Trendy home decor requires regular upkeep, since trends tend to take the design world by storm before disappearing nearly as fast. Some trends can have staying power, but it’s tricky to predict which ones will last.

The French term “au courant” is often used with fashion and decor, and it translates as “timely,” which references a balance between one’s current needs and style.

Building a timely home decor that is approachable and stylish can be a matter of incorporating fresh new elements that are simple to change in and out.

the-find-reno-stylish-home-decorHere’s an example. We wrote about 2018 design trends recently – natural elements, black and white decor, and 70s chic. If you love the look or texture of these trends, but worry about going all-in on an aesthetic that might be out of date next year, focus on accessories instead of big-ticket items.

If you truly love a piece of furniture or a home decor item that suits your home and your lifestyle, does it really matter whether bloggers and magazines are calling it trendy? And think about it from the flip side too – if you don’t love it today, you probably won’t love it tomorrow.

At The Find, we love offering a mix of styles that are timely, with the kind of feel and quality that never go out of style. Have fun browsing our home decor for fresh, fun, and yes, often on-trend styles (gold elements – yes!), and remember that a timely design straddles the line between timeless and fresh, all while working for your lifestyle.

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