And The Find here in Reno, we love, love, love sectional sofas. And while many of our customers have open floorpans that make these pieces so sensible, not everyone is working with a huge space. But that doesn’t mean a sectional isn’t an option. In fact, the opposite is true. It may seem completely counterintuitive to say a sectional sofa is often the best call for a small space, but it’s the truth. From practical to stylistic reasons, here’s why the sectional tends to work so well.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaWon’t It Feel… Cluttered?

You might be surprised to learn that using several small pieces of furniture can actually lead to a sense of clutter. If you’re considering a sofa/table/chair combination in a smaller space, try picturing a sectional instead. Yes, it’s a bigger single piece, but the right sectional (and the right scale) will mean one additional seat, without the effect of too many pieces crammed in a tight space.

That’s a big deal, because maximizing your seating is key when you’re working with smaller spaces. That desirable corner spot in a sectional – the one that invites you to climb in and curl up – eliminates the dead space that comes with using a sofa and chair combo. Plus, the relaxed nature of a sectional means people are more likely to snuggle a little closer, especially on movie night, so you can comfortably and realistically accommodate not just one, but two to three additional family members or guests.

the-find-reno-furnitureThe right sectional really does create a cozy nook – and is there anything more inviting? Still, there are a few key details to making this work. First are the dimensions and scale of the piece itself. Measuring for new furniture is always critical, and at The Find, we’re happy to make suggestions based on your measurements. Another consideration is what you’ll pair with the sectional – will a side or coffee table work? Again, size, shape and scale will be key.

If you’re sofa shopping, you need to consider a sectional. Stop by The Find on any Thursday, Friday or Saturday to see what we have on the floor. We have access to so much more than what we can stock, so tell us about your design challenge and let us make some suggestions. We look forward to it!