As businesses cautiously re-open and people begin emerging from their homes, it’s nice to get out again. COVID-19 aside, the risk is that trying to pick your way through your own entryway when you come home again will serve as a stark reminder of the last few cooped-up months. If your entryway has become a horror hall of shoes, bags, donation piles, mail, distance learning materials, and whatever else you stashed over there recently, it’s time for a change. Here’s how to create a welcoming, calming entryway.

the-find-reno-entryway-pewA Place for Everything and Everything in its Place

We love, love, love that tidy little phrase! And in the entry way, it’s especially applicable. A console table in the entry can be a great spot to corral keys and various pocket pieces, but it runs the risk of becoming a drop-spot for just about everything. You can neatly sidestep this scenario with a little decluttering and some organizational decor. Baskets, leather catch-alls, benches with hidden storage – there are endless ways to stylishly, effortlessly organize all the stuff you need when you walk out to door (and dump the second you walk in).

Look for clever pieces that pull double duty, offering function and the kind of style that sets the tone for what’s to come further inside.

the-find-reno-home-decor-accessoriesSmart Details

A beautiful mirror, a favorite piece of framed art, a gorgeous and durable rug that can take a beating, fresh or faux greens  – choose your decor pieces for the entryway wisely. Lighting is also key. A well-lit entryway is inherently welcoming, and a stylish table-top lamp can add extra warmth.

Whatever you add, remember that an understated approach is often best. The goal is an inviting, calming space, and too many competing elements will only make your entryway feel claustrophobic and chaotic, no matter how spacious it really is.

First things first – start by clearing out all the stuff that’s found a temporary home in your entryway. Think about the stuff you and your family routinely tote in and out, and make furniture and decor choices with a mind to organizing it all. The Find in Reno is open Thursday, Friday and Saturday from 11 am to 5 pm, and we have all kinds of amazing pieces that will work beautifully in your entryway and home. Come in and see what you find, and then get started on that calming new entryway!