One of the easiest ways to instantly brighten a space is with a mirror. It’s not about vanity – it’s about adding light. Mirrors can make a room feel larger, serve as a focal point, highlight seating areas and more. Here’s how to use mirrors in your home.

the-find-reno-oversized-floor-mirrorMake your mirror pull double duty

Leaning a large floor mirror against the wall turns it into a graphic piece of artwork – tricky! It also makes a space seem twice as big. Plus, leaning it against the wall eliminates the work that goes into hanging a heavy mirror and gives you some flexibility, too.

tthe-find-reno-mirror-fur-trimAnother way to make a mirror more than just a reflective piece is by choosing something with an unusual frame. Something striking, like the fur trim shown here, becomes a focal point all its own.

Make your mirror highlight something special

Hanging a large mirror low to the ground can balance out a cozy seating area. You can also complement your furniture arrangement with mirrors. Try a graphic, symmetrical arrangement of mirrors over a pair of sofas facing one another, or a long, horizontal mirror over a squat sectional and low coffee table. You can also highlight high the-find-reno-beautiful-mirrorceilings by propping a tall mirror (or two) against the wall. It’s a visual trick that makes soaring ceilings seem even taller.

Think small

Mirrored trays and small framed mirrors in fun shapes and sizes reflect light just as nicely as big mirrors. Try mixing and matching for interest.

But go big too

Oversized mirrors in small bathrooms will make the space appear larger, and they’re more functional when you’re getting ready.

the-find-reno-mirrored-hutchLook for furniture with mirrored elements too. You’ll get the functionality of the the piece with the added light and airiness from the mirrors.

Group it

Stacking two or three mirrors of varying sizes and shapes can bring interest to a space. Instead of a single mirror mounted over a fireplace mantle, try layering two mirrors of different sizes for something unexpected.

You’ll find beautiful mirrors at The Find in Reno. Come in Thursday, Friday and Saturday to shop our mirrors, and add some light, interest and the impression of more space to your home.

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