In a perfect world, nothing would ever happen to your creamy ivory sofa, no matter how many little monkeys climbed on it. But because we live in the real world, we accept that those gorgeous light upholstery fabrics are a downright nightmare if you have children or pets. Well, good news. With revolution performance fabric by STI – now offered on Robert Michael Ltd furniture right here at The Find – you can have both. No need to give away the kids!

the-find-reno-revolution-performance-fabricThis virtually bulletproof fabric comes in an array of stylish colors and chic textures – you’ll be stunned that this soft, sumptuous fabric performs so well. Read on for the list of benefits and features:

  • Stain resistant (for life!)
  • No chemicals applied
  • Easy to clean
  • Bleach safe!
  • Exceptional durability
  • Resists fading in sunlight
  • Smallest carbon footprint
  • 100% made in the USA

Cheeto-stained fingers and muddy paw prints are no match for endurance performance fabric. Cleaning instructions are straightforward – blotting followed by a simple homemade solution applied to the stained area.

If you’ve been putting off that amazing new sofa or chair because you’re worried about what the kids or pets will do it, come to The Find first. Ask us about the bulletproof fabric, and prepare to be amazed.