Shopping online has its perks, but there can be quite a few downsides to that point-and-click business. It all depends on what you’re buying. Here’s what to know about the good and the really, really bad of sofa shopping online.

the-find-reno-sofa-shopping-onlineSofa Shopping Online – The Good

  • Makes comparing different styles a breeze – If you’re still in the inspiration stage, searching online makes it easy to compare and contrast, which can help you really drill into what you like.
  • Gives you a huge range of collections, brands and styles – From something formal or feminine to a huge, squashy sectional, browsing all the options out there means you’ll be very clear on what might work in your space (and what definitely won’t).
  • Makes things easy and accessible – Shopping online is simple, right? You just choose your fabric, your size, your configuration, and boom: in the cart.
  • Savvy online shoppers can find offers and discounts¬†– We all know how to search for promo codes by now, and many online stores offer discounts regularly. Everybody loves a deal!
  • Replacement and return offers are usually part of the package¬†– And you’ll want to read it carefully. If the sofa that looks so amazing online doesn’t work half as well in your living room, what’s it going to cost you to send it back?

Yep, sofa shopping online definitely has benefits. But can they outweigh all the cons? Read on…

Sofa Shopping Online – The Really, Really Bad

  • What you see isn’t always what you get – Remember that those online pictures are intended to show off that sofa at its absolute best. When you’re actually standing in front of it, will it hold up to the image on the screen? It can be really hard to tell. Plus, you aren’t able to sit on it or get a sense of its scale or quality when you’re checking it out online. Those are important considerations that can be deal breakers when all is said and done.
  • The reviews can’t always be trusted – Are you reading reviews that tout the quality and customer service? Great! But are those real reviews? Hard to say. Maybe they are real, but are your expectations the same as those of the person who posted that glowing review?
  • Delivery charges (and about those return policies) – Furniture delivery prices can get pricey, fast. And did you read that return policy carefully? Will you be on the hook for shipping fees in the event you don’t love this sofa you’ve been drooling over online?

the-find-reno-sofa-shoppingThe Best Way to Sofa Shop

The smartest way to buy that new sofa is to use the internet for all of its perks – browsing options, comparing styles, searching for deals – and then hit a local furniture store with a real idea of what you want. Here at The Find in Reno, we have access to hundreds of stylish sofas, and we can get our hands on pretty much any style, configuration and fabric. If you tell us what you want, we’ll show you what we can get. And chances are good that you’ll be thrilled with it.

Right now, our custom sofas are taking about four weeks for arrival from date of order. We invite you to come and check out our roomy warehouse to see what we have in stock. If you have your heart set on something specific, we can customize a sofa to the perfect size, configuration and upholstery. Come in any Thursday, Friday and Saturday, and go ahead and bring some of those online photos. We think you’ll be happy with what we can do.