With no shortage of furniture stores here in Reno-Tahoe, it’s easy to look at the bottom line only – pricing – when you’re looking for the best deal on that new sofa or table. But price point isn’t the best indicator of the best deal. Read on for the three things you need to know to be a savvy shopper in the furniture store.

  • Check the Fine Print

The box stores are famous for zero-percent down deals, which seems too good to be true. Furnish an entire house, or least a whole room, for $5,000? Be very clear – there’s no free money here. When a furniture store offers a zero-percent interest loan, they’re building in the costs of financing into that pricing model. That means you’re buying everything at a significant mark-up simply because you want everything right now.

Instead… Practice patience! Steer clear of the matching sets – it’s not the most imaginative way of decorating, anyway – and take time to pull together a cohesive, entirely unique décor by adding pieces over time.

  • Focus on Quality, not Quantity

Being patient means you can make choices much more carefully and splurge on pieces that are beautifully crafted and will last much longer. Well-designed, quality furniture not only lasts longer, it looks far better. Don’t be swayed by the glossy catalogs – check material lists and avoid veneers, particleboard and composite construction. And be careful if you’re shopping online!

Instead… Spend more on better pieces that will last. Don’t assume the cheapest option is the best choice, and don’t rush to fill a space. Taking time to thoughtfully decorate your home makes it that much more personal and unique.

  • Use Social Media to Your Advantage

“Liking” a furniture’s business page on Facebook is a great way to stay linked in to things like promo codes and flash sales.

Instead… Don’t just wait for major holidays to take advantages of sales prices. A simple “like” is the easiest way to stay connected with your favorite furniture store.

  • Bonus Tip! Speak with Owners Directly

You have a better chance of finding exactly what you’re looking for – and getting it at the best possible price – if you speak with the owners or managers directly.