We’re just going to say it — faux plants have a bad rap. And we totally get it. There are some really terrible faux plants out there! But don’t be so quick to judge them all. Here at The Find in Reno, we’ve found some of the most amazingly realistic faux plants, florals and arrangement — the kind you may accidentally find yourself watering if you aren’t careful. But why go faux instead of opting for living plants? We’re about to tell you! Here are four reasons for faux plants in home decor.

the-find-reno-mothers-day-gift-ideasLow Maintenance

The trouble with live plants and fresh flowers is the upkeep. Between the watering and the trimming and the pruning and making sure they’re getting the right amount of sun, there’s a lot of work involved. A really great faux plant, on the other hand, gives you all of the same benefits without any work. Maybe you’ll need to dust them every once in a while, but the same is true for live plants. Plus, green thumb or not, a faux plant will never die on you!

Highly Durable

Living plants can be delicate. It takes some effort to keep them alive and thriving. But your beautiful faux plants will look just as vibrant and perfect in five years as they do the day you buy them. And they’ll work anywhere, including spaces with no natural light.


At The Find, we bring in faux plants, flowers and arrangements that are truly realistic and drop-dead gorgeous. From towering orchids to a spray of eucalyptus in water to stunning succulent displays, these things are truly impressive. It takes some close inspecting to decide if they’re real or faux, but honestly, they look so great it just doesn’t matter. And they’ll stay that way — forever! Whatever aesthetic you’re going for, we probably have a faux plant for the job.

Super Versatile

Among the many benefits of a really great faux plant is its versatility. Put it anywhere you like, because it doesn’t need the right amount of sunlight or natural light or water or shade to thrive. It’s already thriving, and that won’t change no matter where it goes. Wrap them up and pack them away to stay seasonally appropriate, and these things will look just as beautiful when you pull them out of storage.

the-find-reno-faux-tulipsThe Design Secret for Faux Plants

Faux plants may have deserved their shoddy reputation in years past, but today’s versions are something else. And here’s a little secret — mixing in a fresh arrangement with all your fabulous faux plants will pull everything together perfectly. You’ll look like a hands-down plant professional.

Come in to The Find between 10 am and 6 pm on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays to shop our beautiful faux plants. These are the kinds of things you have to see for yourself.