Finding the sweet spot between a home that looks stylish and inviting without screaming “I hired an interior designer!” can be a challenge for many homeowners. The key is incorporating personal style into a cohesive¬†design. And that can take some practice. Our very own Stephanie Angold is a gifted interior designer, and here at The Find, you can benefit from her eye and years of experience – at no cost.

It’s true – The Find offers free interior design consultations. Explain your design dilemma, and Stephanie will offer solutions that fit your home, lifestyle and budget. We’re sharing some of her work decorating amazing custom homes in a new page still to come on our website, but here’s a sneak peek! If you love what you see and want to learn¬†how we can help you in your home, visit, call or click today. No matter what your style, Stephanie will bring it to life.