Sometimes, creating a beautiful yet livable space can seem like a real challenge. But fear not! In today’s design tips from The Find, we’re sharing four common home decor mistakes – and how to avoid them.

faux-succulents-the-find-reno-home-decor1. You hang on to dying plants.

Filling your home with plants brings a vibrancy and freshness to the space. And nothing kills that atmosphere faster than a crispy, browning, dying plant. Sometimes, you just need to let go and move on.

Pro tip: If you’re consistently killing plants, you might try a hardir version or swap out the real stuff for realistic faux plants. We have a wonderful selection of faux succulents and orchids for those of you who lack a green thumb!

2. You have knickknacks – everywhere.

Collections can be beautiful, but use them sparingly. When you have lots of little items clustered all over, the overall effect quickly becomes one of disorganized clutter.

the-find-reno-home-decorPro tip: Follow the rule of threes (arranging decor items in groups of three), which keeps things visually appealing yet uncluttered. Try using varying heights with your accessories as well, for added interest.

3. You go overboard with personal photos.

You’re proud of your kids or you love to display your favorite destinations, sure, but  too much of anything is overkill, plain and simple. Instead of displaying every single picture you have, be selective and limit yourself to just your favorite photos. They’ll have much more impact that way.

4. You live in a sea of clutter.

Decorating and clutter are arch enemies, so do yourself a favor now. You don’t necessarily need to go the KonMari Method, but make a point of limiting clutter by being organized and finding a spot for everything. If you don’t need it, donate it, recycle it, compost it or pitch it. Don’t hang on to it just for the sake of hanging on to it!

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