Hearing the name of a local boutique come up again and again is the kind of thing that gets your attention. Just ask Marissa Tolotti. “I had a few friends who had furniture and home decor from The Find and I would always think to myself, ‘Wow, their homes are amazing and they have such great taste,’ ” she says. “I had wished my home looked like theirs.” So it wasn’t long before she made her way to The Find on Longley Lane in Reno. Turns out, it’s easy to have great taste when you shop Reno’s best-kept secret for stylish furniture and decor.

sectional-sofa-the-find-renoFirst Impressions

“My initial impression when I walked through the door was, ‘I want to burn everything in my house and buy every single thing in this store immediately,’ ” she laughs. “Obviously, this wasn’t a serious option, so instead I started with an addition in our home. I decided to buy the furniture for this new room from The Find because I knew no matter what I picked out, it would be stylish, comfortable, quality, and a good price.”

Fast forward to the day Marissa chose her new sectional sofa, when she enjoyed the complimentary design service offered here at The Find. “This was a game changer for me. I tend to stay in my little box of design choices, colors, patterns vs no patterns, etc.” she explains. “I always admire when other people have different looking patterns and textures, but I am not good at putting that together myself.” Fortunately, this is where the strengths of our design team really shine.

“I had a carpet sample with me, wall color, and I gave Julie and Stephanie an idea of the room that we were creating,” Marissa says. The pair gave her a selection of fabric and pattern options and made suggestions about differing but complementary fabrics for the ottoman. “Brilliant! This is not something I would have thought about or been brave enough to do on my own. And then, we ended up picking an animal print for the ottoman, which is way out of my little box. I left there feeling totally excited for this new look that I have never had in my own home, but had admired in others! I am very grateful for Stephanie and Julie, as they have the great taste that I admire but never had the confidence to put together myself.”

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaA Hidden Gem

It was the kind of stylish, yet personal design that Marissa had been trying – and struggling – to find elsewhere in Reno and even California. “The Find is totally unique,” she says. “The furniture I see there, I just don’t see at large corporate furniture stores. I feel like the quality at The Find is better, and the pieces are all unique and stand out. Everything they have to offer at is a conversation piece, where people leave thinking to themselves, ‘I want my house to look like that!’ I was also impressed with the prices. We had been looking at Restoration Hardware for couches and was pleasantly surprised when we saved money at The Find with a more unique and better-looking couch than we originally had planned to buy.”

Since then, Marissa has become a loyal social media follower – all the better to “see things or get ideas of what I want!” – and enjoys telling her friends and family about Reno’s best-kept secret. “I absolutely recommend The Find! There’s something for everyone there. Stephanie and Julie are awesome at helping you pick things out and they give you advice on ways to enhance what you already have as well. From wall art, gifts, jewelry, lighting to furniture, I always find something to love at the Find.”

Marissa, thank you so much for the review. We can’t wait to see photos of the new sectional in your addition!