Here at The Find, we love the versatility and style of the sectional sofa. We carry them in so many configurations and upholstery options, and while shoppers love mixing and matching fabrics with the oversized throw pillows, staying neutral with the sofa itself is pretty standard. Hey, we get it – a sectional sofa is an investment piece, and no one wants a sofa that will go out of style long before it reaches the end of its service life. Here are six decorating tips for the proud owner (or aspiring owner) of a neutral sectional.

the-find-reno-neutral-sectional-sofaAccent with Metallics, Patterns, and Colors

This is a go-to decor move – going neutral with big pieces and incorporating color, pattern, and texture with accessories. Neutral like taupes and grays pair beautifully with metallic accents, and they add a chic touch. You can also add a little vibrancy with bold colors – just remember to work in a few understated pieces for balance. If you’re drawn to high-contrast patterns, go for it! Pick a general color palette when you mix patterns, and that will keep the overall aesthetic from feeling too chaotic.

Consider an Area Rug

Add a touch of welcoming coziness with an area rug. Opt for something soft in color – think whites and creams. It’s usually the difference between a design that feels too “done” and one that’s meant to be truly lived in.

Add Warm Wood Tones

Neutrals can be cool, and wood tones are a good way to bring a sense of balance and warmth.

the-find-reno-sectional-sofaBring in Some Natural Elements

Natural elements like potted plants add life and greenery. And don’t panic if your green thumb isn’t quite up to snuff – a really great faux has the same effect with none of the work! The Find has a beautiful selection of faux succulents, orchids, and other amazingly realistic natural elements – it’s an easy way to add a bit of texture and interest.

Play Up the Backdrop

A neutral sectional paves the way for a striking backdrop, whether it’s an accent wall by virtue of paint or architectural detail, or an enormous window. If this isn’t an option, consider some meaningful artwork. From family treasures to something special you pick up here at The Find, dress up those walls!

Don’t Overlook Lighting

Their size and configuration means many sectionals can balance statement light fixtures. Take a good look at your space and visualize your options, like clustered pendants to fill in any visual gaps created by the corner of your sectional.

Still Looking for the Sectional?

Come to The Find Thursday, Friday, and Saturday and find the perfect sectional or traditional sofa for your home, lifestyle, and budget. And if you don’t know where to begin, ask us! We offer complementary design assistance so you can know you’re getting the right piece. Then, just follow these tips to decorate around that gorgeous new sofa.