It’s fall, y’all! While the calendar hasn’t made it official quite yet, northern Nevada is already enjoying cooling temperatures and the odd tree turning yellow. Plus, pumpkin spice lattes are everywhere! If you’re feeling ready to kiss summer goodbye, start by swapping out the lighter, brighter decor. Here are three simple ways to transition to fall decor.

the-find-reno-cozy-throws-sofasLayer Fall Textures

Add a bit of coziness and warmth with a few well-placed accessories in a mix of textures. Drape a cozy, seasonally colored throw across the foot of the bed, on the sofa, or across your favorite easy chair. Seasonal pillows added to living spaces can also add texture and invoke the feelings of fall. Keep the new additions minimal to ease into the new season without going overboard.

Bring in Natural Elements

layering-lessons-the-find-renoAutumn is a season filled with nature’s bounty, and elements like pumpkins, gourds, acorns, even leaves, are festive and fun. Pair real or faux pumpkins with rustic trays, cutting boards, baskets, even faux succulents, for a look that’s seasonal and tasteful. A seasonal wreath goes up in a snap and creates instant fall ambience.

Swap Accents

the-find-fall-decorDropping temperatures make this a great time for heavier fabrics. If you have cozy sheets, pillowcases, throws, even rugs and draperies, start making the swap. It’s an easy way to transition from summer to fall, and those heavier fabrics and accessories will keep you warmer as the nights cool down. Changing up accent colors from lighter, brighter tones to richer, more seasonally appropriate shades is another subtle way to transition decor.